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Trio - Hardware Key, Visible Security!

To protect privacy, encryption alone is not enough. Apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram have their crypto keys controlled by apps, we'd never know who else was using our key to spy on us. The philosophy of Trio is to let you control your own key. It is visible and cannot be cloned.

Non-repudiated Identity Authentication

Trio give you an easy and robust as ever authentication service. It protects your account login from hackers and saves you the work from having to remember all the passwords. The provided Trio 2FA+ SDK could be integrated with your organization VPN, ERP systems and more.

Secure Browser for Secure Remote Work

Remote work is the trend, however, the biggest concern will be confidential data leak. How to keep the confidential data inside enterprise intranet while making remote work possible? Through Trio secure browser, employees can access intranet system securely on their mobile / laptop, document download can be blocked. Every secure browser connection will be embedded with user's digital signature to prevent unauthorized access.

Anti-tapping Instant Messaging

By using Trio with hardware crypto key, your every call, every message and every file transmission will be visibly protected, it could only be decrypted by you and your team, whether it is stored in cloud or in your mobile phone.

Keep Track of Everything

We understand your need to keep track of every piece of information. Trio gives you access to the management dashboard to enable you to see the overall process of document delivery, receipt, and forwarding.

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