Worry about data security of cloud service?

Start using Trio service to manage identity authentication and data security

2FA - strengthen your Google Workspace account security

Stop relying on password to login Google Workspace service! Trio 2FA+ provides strong authentication with digital signature, which forms the non-repudiation proof, is much safer than a long-and-complex password. During Google Workspace login, simply press "Approve" button on smartphone, then you will be authenticated. The same account authentication mechanism can be applied on more cloud services, reduce the effort to manage identity among different cloud services.

Secure browser - data leak protection

Through Trio secure browser, your enterprise data access can be protected. Actions like file download, text/image copy, screen capture can be prohibited by secure browser. Your confidential data is protected while user access it on the go!

Feature list

Trio service offers:

Two factor authentication
Protect your G Suite account with Trio 2FA+, every login action comes with user's digital signature, free from password leak threat.
Auditable data access
Every data access in secure browser will provide non-repudiated proof with user's digital signature, file download and content copy behaviors are auditable.
Manage your own key

Trio service is a zero-trust service, let you manage your own key in identity authentication. No more worry about 3rd party or hacker peek into your confidential data.

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1 min to setup Trio 2FA for Google Workspace

G Suite - Trio 2FA setup description

The video content will guide you to setup Trio 2FA service, detail steps are listed as follows:
1. Click the link download I.X certificate
2. Check 'Setup SSO with third party identity provider'
3. Follow the video, copy the following two URLs, and paste to the corresponding fields in Google Workspace Admin console

  • Sign-in page URL: https://saml.ix-security.com/2fa
  • Sign-out page URL: https://saml.ix-security.com/slo

4. Save the setting and logout Google Workspace Admin. Follow the video to login Google Workspace account

How to test

Before testing, please make sure you have registered a Trio account, and you have logged out Google Workspace service
1. Open your browser and visit https://mail.google.com/a/YOUR_DOMAIN
* Replace YOUR_DOMAIN to your Google Workspace domain, e.g., company.com
2. You should see it's redirected to I.X Authentication Service web page, and ask you to input Email and Trio PIN
* Please fill your Google Workspace email account, Trio PIN can be found in Trio App.
3. During login, your Trio App will receive a 2FA push notification, tap it to open and press "Approve" to login Google Workspace service.
4. If you don't see I.X Authentication Service web page during the process, please logout your G Suite service, and repeat step 1-3.