R2 App

Supported file formats

Currently only PDF format for document, PNG, JPG, JPEG formats for photo are supported

Which OS version are supported?

For Android devices, it should be Android 6.0 or above; for iOS devices, it should be iOS 10.3.2 or above

Why it shows “Open fail” when I open a file from others?

It’s very likely that your contact has changed a new R2 Key, or you’ve encountered some network issue while receiving the file.Please refresh your contacts info by drag down at contacts page, and ask your contact to resend the file.

Why it always show a random string rather than a text I can read in message box

To prevent from others to peak your message, R2 won’t show the decrypted string until you tap on the message box. It allows only one message once, and the decrypted message will be turned back to encrypted one if another message is decrypted.

How do I import files to R2 App to protect my files

For iPhone users, files can only be imported via R2 portal, due to the restriction of iPhone system design.

For the information to login R2 Portal, you can check the email from I.X R2 service, which should be sent when you finished the account activation, with R2 portal URL and login information. Please noted that R2 portal doesn’t support Safari login, we suggest Chrome instead.

For Android users, you can import files by tapping an import button directly in R2 App. It’s also supported if you want to import files via R2 portal.

Sometimes I could not receive others’ messages. How can I fix it?

Please try using mobile network directly if you have a stable connection for mobile signal.

It might be caused by network environment, e.g. firewall or leveraging mobile hotspot. Sometimes the push messages might be blocked under these circumstances, and result in the message could not be received. It may also happens when the network signal is poor, or when you have lost the network connection.

How do I contact other friends by R2 App?

To secure your communications, it’s only allowed to contact with those who has R2 Key by R2 App. If your contacts also have R2 account, you can add them as your contact by tapping the “Add contact” button to invite them for secured communications.

Can I edit my R2 contacts’ name?

Yes, there’s a red icon at the right side of each contact name in contacts page. Tap the red icon to edit the displayed name.

Can I switch between two phones with the same account and R2 Key?

For security concern, I.X R2 system only treat the latest pairing device as the valid one for your account. In other words, if you’ve lost your original phone, when you pair your new phone with your R2 Key by the original R2 account, all new messages will only be sent to the new phone.

Why it shows “The device has been jailbroken” or “This device is rooted R2 App is disabled.” on R2 App?

Those rooted or jail broken devices are high potential data breach targets. For the consideration of information security, it’s banned to run R2 App on rooted or jail broken devices.

How do I recover my data if my R2 Key has been lost?

For security concern, only those R2 Keys paired with your account has the accessibility of your R2 data. We highly recommend you to have a spare key paired with your account at first, and saved the spare key carefully. Besides, please don’t forget to backup your R2 data periodically

How do I recover my data if I’ve lost my phone?

If you have back up R2 data before the lost, you can pair your R2 Key with a new phone by the original R2 account. And then follow the steps to recover the data:

  • Please install R2 App on your new phone.
  • Pair your original card or spare card with your new phone.
  • Register with the original R2 account.
  • After finish the pairing process, go to Settings page in R2 App and tap on “Restore” to restore backup R2 data
I had set up a spare key. If one of my R2 Key has been lost, can I set up another spare key?

Yes. Every R2 account is allowed to pair with two R2 Keys. When you are attempting to pair the third one, you’ll be notified to replace the unused R2 Key by the new one.

Why not R2 App backup R2 data automatically?

R2 App will backup data only under your permission due to it will consume data. So you are encouraged to backup periodically when you have Internet accessibility via WiFi.

I found there’s a IX_R2 folder on my Google Drive. What is that?

When you backup R2 data to the specified Google account, we’ll create a IX_R2 folder onto your Google Drive. All backup data will be encrypted before upload.

Why can’t I capture the screen in R2 dialog?

To protect the privacy of R2 users, screen captured function is banned in R2 App dialog detail view for Android users.

Why does it show “screen is captured” or “screen is recorded” is R2 dialog?

iPhone App is not able to forbid screen capture and screen recording behavior. To avoid your dialog being captured or recorded without awareness, I.X R2 system will notify you and warn the other party about the detection of the capture behavior.

Why my R2 outgoing call will receive R2 Key disconnected notification

To ensure R2 call is secured, any R2 call need to have R2 Key connected; when callee’s R2 Key is disconnected, the call will be dropped automatically. During call, either party have R2 Key disconnected will drop the call as well.

Why is my R2 call interrupted by circuit-switched call?

R2 is a VoIP service, on Android, circuit-switched call has the highest priority. That’s why any incoming circuit-switched call will interrupt any active VoIP call. On iPhone, unless you pick up incoming circuit-switched call, your active VoIP call will remain unaffected.

Does R2 support call hold / switch with other phone call service?

No, we don’t support this function.

Can I use Bluetooth headset to answer incoming or make outgoing R2 call?

We haven’t done Bluetooth headset compatibilty testing yet. There could be some headsets cannot support.

Why do I always failed to transmit file from R2 Portal?

The browser should support crypto and crypto subtle web components to transmit files securely. If your browser doesn’t support one of the component, it will show “Your browser is not supported, use the latest Chrome/Firefox/Safari”