Charging Issue

Can I charge my card by other card reader?

No. To avoid damaging your R2 Key, please use the specific charger.

How do I know it’s charging?

The display on R2 Key will show “CHArGE” if it’s charging. If it shows “Connct.” or “LAUnCH APP”, please flip the card and charge again, or check if the charger LED has been lit up.

Can I use power bank to charge R2 Key?

Suggest not. Some power bank charging current is too high, might not be able to charge R2 Key.

I found sometimes R2 wasn’t charged even by using power plug. Why?

It could be the power plug output current is too large. Please try to connect your R2 charger to your computer instead.

How do I know it’s already fully charged?

R2 Key will display “FULL” when it’s fully charged.