R2 Key

Can I share my R2 Key with others as spare key?

No. For security concern, the original encryption key pair will be cleaned once a R2 Key has been paired with a new R2 account. So that if someone use your R2 Key as a spare key, you won’t be able use that spare key anymore, unless you pair it as your spare key again.

Why my R2 Key shows OTP digits while I am not pairing the R2 Key?

It’s very likely someone is pairing with your R2 Key accidentaly. You need only power OFF and ON your R2 Key. While others cannot read the OTP code, you don’t need to worry about others might pair your R2 Key.

Will someone impersonate my identity or steal my data if he steal my R2 Key?

Once a R2 Key has been paired, it will accept commands from only the specific paired device. If others attepmt to pair with the R2 Key, all key pairs will be replaced by new generated ones when paired information has been found not matched. Neither the original data cannot be decrypted, nor others cannot impersonate your identity to login.

What does it mean when my R2 key shows rEboot? How do I recover my R2 key?

It could be caused by static electricity so that result in the failure of system booting. Please try power OFF and ON the R2 key.

Why it shows a empty icon on my R2 key, and I cannot turn it ON?

Your R2 key has ran out of battery. Please charge your R2 key by R2 charger as soon as possible.